Corporate Cruises

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Discover and implement an innovative way to host your company’s next event for the perfect turnout.

Corporate events are essential to engaging employees in team-building activities and community-strengthening socialization. Curating an event set-up that is both memorable and beneficial to the work environment can be difficult with all factors considered. Budget, venue, theme, menu, staff, and marketing are just a few of the many key components to consider while event planning.

Many corporate functions are also outdated and overdone, causing the company to lose out on attendance and lower the morale of employees who may feel that the gathering is more of a chore than an opportunity.

We advocate that events should incorporate the three E’s: Experience, Experiment, & Engage. To keep the momentum going, focus on creating a significant experience for your team. What elements can you include to make the outing unforgettable? How can you create a dynamic ambiance that will incite positive reactions?

Think outside of the box. Experiment with your choice of venue and theme. What will differentiate this event from the last? How can you keep the ideas fresh and exciting for your team?

Build an environment that is intended for team engagement and interaction. A welcoming setting is necessary to incite group fun and communication. How will this event strengthen the bond of your team? What can you do to encourage involvement?

The perfect way to tackle all of these elemental concerns is by hosting a modern event that unites multiple components into one setting: a corporate party cruise.

Local cruises can be more affordable than many other venues. They also incorporate the option for menu, decor, staff, photographer, A/V systems, Live DJ entertainment, and more, allowing you to source all of your party needs in one package.

Corporate party cruises create an unmatched ambiance, producing the perfect environment for a memorable experience. Cruises are dynamic; they integrate sightseeing, nature, the city skyline, and freedom of mobility into the event. What’s a better way to toast to success than aboard a luxury yacht with the New York City skyline as the backdrop?

A corporate cruise is a perfect way to experiment with location & theme. The restaurant, bar, and catering hall have all been done before, and a multitude of times at that. Give your guests the gift of something different, something exciting and eye-capturing with the views to boot!

A few hours aboard a yacht is a great way to get your team to engage with each other and the environment around them. This space is private and intimate, creating a relaxed and comfortable setting between members. This is the ideal opportunity for communication, networking, and fun team-building activities.

Empire Cruises provides affordable and all-inclusive party packages for corporate events, offering vessels for parties of all sizes. In the past, we have hosted company events for EY, Google, Colgate, iHeart Radio, and many small businesses in New York City. To learn more about our company and our corporate party packages, click on the button below and feel free to request a quote!

Happy planning!