7 Tips to Trim Your Wedding Costs


Planning a wedding?

Keep it affordable with these 7 simple tips!

  1. Find flowers that follow the season.

    One bridal bouquet alone can cost anywhere from $150-$300. A bride can spend $3,000 to $75,000 on her entire floral budget for wedding decor. Keep flower costs down by consulting with a florist to see which flowers are in season. Readily available flowers are less expensive than those that are out of season. Keep in mind that you can create many beautiful arrangements with affordable flowers!

  2. Turn the invitation process into a creative project.

    Hiring an outside source to create your ideal wedding invites can be expensive, adding up to hundreds of dollars. Printing businesses and artists will assess multiple factors into what they charge you: time spent, volume, material sourcing, and more. You can cut these costs down by doing it yourself! Self-designing your invites gives you full agency over how your invitations turn out. You can design them online with free templates or by purchasing a simple kit at a craft store. Getting invites printed at stores like Staples is cost efficient, with charges starting with as little as a few cents per invite.

    You can also use affordable sites like Zola to purchase elegant wedding invites in bulk.

  3. Minimize your guest list.

    Every individual on your guest list brings a series of extra costs. Each person requires seating, food, drinks, and more. Even all-inclusive venues will charge per person.

    Some guests will ask to bring dates, family, or friends. Even though you may want to accommodate, make sure it is in your best financial interest first. Keep your event more intimate and more affordable by limiting the number of people you choose to invite.

  4. Accept help from your wedding party.

    Eliminate extra costs from your budget by accepting a helping hand.

    If you are considering paying for a service that can efficiently be completed by your wedding party, especially if you already have the resources, ask for the favor!

  5. Don’t knock the DJ!

    A live band seems to be the dream for many brides-to-be, but a DJ can be just as great!

    Hiring a DJ will often be less expensive than hiring a live band, especially if you’re paying by the hour. A good DJ can read the vibe of your party and get the energy going. Plus, DJs can take live requests.

  6. Consider an all-inclusive venue.

    Going with an all-inclusive venue will undoubtedly keep your wedding more affordable.

    Venues that can cater to all of your wedding needs have the potential to save you big bucks. If you can get all the extras in one place, go for it!

  7. Try a wedding on the water.

    Cruise weddings tend to be some of the most exciting yet most affordable kinds of weddings!

    Having your reception aboard a boat gives you the possibility of amazing views with a lower venue fee. At Empire Cruises, we offer some of the most reasonably priced wedding packages in New York City.

Try some of these tips and let us know how they worked for you. Happy planning!

Ana Orinova