Affordable Weddings: Wedding Cruise

Unforgettably tie the knot aboard one of our vessels—cruising a magical city and its romantic sights on the water!

As wedding season begins to bloom, so does stress surrounding the bridal budget. According to CNN, New York City is the most expensive city to get married in, averaging at $76,944 per wedding.

Wedding venue makes up the majority of the cost, with other necessary amenities building the price. Caterers, photographers, DJs, and many more logistics can come with hefty fees, making what should be an exciting selection process seem daunting.

Creating a mindful and realistic budget is the key to keeping your wedding costs down, although the word ‘budget’ can seem intimidating or unromantic. However, an affordable wedding can still be an elegant one. There are ways to maintain the majestic elements of an intimate union without breaking the bank. An unforgettable experience with a reasonable price tag is entirely possible with the right plan.

Consider planning a wedding cruise to maintain a lower cost while bringing the glamour up. A wedding cruise gives the couple & their guests a chance to experience the extraordinary—the charm of the city’s skyline as the backdrop to true love. The catering hall, banquet, yard, and beach have all been done before, but an event aboard a stylish vessel takes the cake! Curating a date memorable to all those in attendance is the goal—and it can happen without the financial burden!

At Empire Cruises, we offer all-inclusive wedding packages starting from $4,000 or $100 per person. Our packages offer a private five-hour rental, captain and crew, buffet-style catering, and a top-shelf open bar. Add-ons include a ceremony officiant, live DJ, and event photographer.

With Empire, you can source all of your wedding needs from the same place, relieving your event-planning stress and reducing the weight on your wallet.

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Happy planning!

Ana Orinova